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Manufacturer Links
   Manufacturer links was designed for those individuals who are in need of additional computer support based on their computer product.  These links apply to those who have one or all of the below options.  More links will be added as more requests call for them.


Search Engines
   Search Engines are a vital part of surfing the Internet.  They allow you to locate any website or piece of information you might need access to.  Here are some of the most popular search engines used today:


Security Updates
   Security is a serious issue when it comes to PC's.  By having access to the Internet, you are vulnerable to almost any intruder without the proper protection.  Some suggestions, if you have not already done so, are purchasing virus protection software; such as, Norton or McAfee.  Another option is to purchase a router that has a built in firewall, or firewall software. Norton and McAfee also provide software for firewalls as well.

  Here are some links that can help you with any viruses or updates that you may need.  Click on link to download patches or virus removal tools.

Microsoft Security Patches:

Virus Removal Tools:

For all other virus removal tools and security updates, please refer to the links below...


   The FAQ's portion of this site is temporarily under construction.

   In Brief, this section will include basic troubleshooting questions for both personal and small business needs.




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